Thursday, February 12, 2009

What are "these times" saying to you?

For myself, I have never been so hope-filled! I know that so much in our world is so up side down, yet, maybe that is because so much has not been right side up!

I just know that wherever we fall, it will be more in love with our God and more in right-living with our neighbors. Our global community is our new home, where we can find the gift of oneness and the grace of justice for all.

This blog is for any of you who are discerning "our times" and/ or your vocational response. I am finding that more and more young people are wondering what really matters in their lives, now, as things have scaled down and so many things unsure. It seems that all of our conversations come down to "loving relationships are what it is all about" be it given to one, given to a career, given to a few, or given to the world, it is all good and God is present in you, in all ways!

Remember, we all have the same primary vocation and that is to BE LOVE in the world. Now, your secondary, unique vocation (married, single, religious) is simply seeing HOW are you going to be that love in the world. The decision is yours and it is fun and exciting to take that journey with your God!

Come in and share if you have a reflection on these new times and/or your life's vocation!

Peace out and peace within, your Sis' Becky:)


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