Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How do YOU communicate your love to God? And how do you feel God communicates love to you?

Welcome to this awesome blog site! Where we share, learn, listen and live our God journey every day! If you are new on this site, read the very bottom post and you will see what we are all about. The above question came up on our last post, so I thought I would highlight it for all of us! Come on in and enjoy conversation with those who love to explore their relationship with our loving God!

Feel free to give life examples of how you have communicated with God through your life and how God has communicated with you! It is so cool to learn and support each other on this journey of life. We are all on the road TOGETHER!

I come on every couple of days and just share about my day, so you get a feel of what a Catholic sister does in the ole' day to day. I am excited about the many young women that are coming into religious life and I feel blessed to be here to listen and walk with them! I believe they are drawn to our sense of shared prayer and community life which have been a special gift to us passed on through the ages by the many wonderful spiritual women that have gone before us!

Feel free to come on any time and ask a question or make a comment on your faith experience of our awesome God!
God's peace and special blessings, your justbebecky :)


Blogger JustBeBecky said...

God communicates in so many different ways. One I fondly remember was when I was feeling kind of lonely and down and I asked God if he could send me a rose. The day went on and I actually kind of forgot about it, and as I was sitting at my desk, rather spacing out, my eyes fell upon an old picture I had on my desk of my Mom, Dad and was taken outside and the background was all green foilage except for one red rose just over me! My eyes filled and so did my heart.

Our God is so good at communicating well as support, challenge, help, just "being with" us when needed, or God is seemingly absent because "we" are so far away from who we really are and yet our God just sits in the hearth of our hearts and awaits our eventual return.

How does your God communicate?

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Blogger begrateful said...

For me God communicates through others and when I leave things alone and let go. Sometimes I will be just thinking of a particular person or thing and have a question and then out of the blue I will pick up a book/go to Eucharist/Get a phone call and guess what? During these times the actual things I was thinking about will come up and get answered.

But what I have learned is to let it go and not obsess about it and it happens, I swear the more I leave it alone the answers just come to me....Always through others.

I believe God speaks to us through our own unique personalities. For some it is through nature, others through quiet others just being and others through exercise.

Would love to hear if you have similar experiences or am I just having coincidences? but guess what I asked God and then I saw a book that said, 'There is no such thing as coincidences just Divine Providence.' It blew me away!!

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Blogger JustBeBecky said...

Begrateful, Welcome!!! I love your experience of God in the day to day, you sure are aware of God's presence in ALL you are and what you do!

Just want to let all of my blog friends know that I am going on a 30 day silent retreat come August and I am so excited about it:) I am making my 25th Jubilee this Spring 2006, and so is the practice here we are offered a 30 day retreat to celebrate some time with our loving Lord before our community celebration!!!

I figure the Lord has blessed me with so much for my 53 wonderful years of life, I can take 30 days with him just to say, "Thank You" and "I Love You."

So I have invited "begrateful" to take the blog for the next 30 days. She is one of our Dominican sisters, awesome in every way! I think you will enjoy hearing her "day to day" events as well as her vocation journey before she entered with us 5 years ago. She has made temporary profession and is living the vows, lives with our sisters in community and has a ministry with us! Feel free to ask her to share her story, too! It is quite an interesting one:)

I hope to get on one more time before I begin my retreat on August 5th!
As always you are in my prayers with love and joy,
your justbebecky :)

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Blogger begrateful said...

Justbebecky just wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to walk with your friends these next couple of weeks. I am excited to hear and share with them. Blessings on your retreat.

I had another thought that I wanted to share. A month back I was very worried about my Math exam and begged God to help me and he did. I then wanted to say thank you and show my love for him so I started praying Hail Mary's and saying Thank You God. Then I had this insight (who knows it could have came from God)Why not Thank God in another way in addition to what you are already doing....Love those who are hard to love. Well wouldn't you know it, that very day someone really hurt me and my immediate reaction was to let them have it and basically tell them off. But I didn't, I just smiled, remaind quiet, walked away and offered a prayer for them and asked God to help me see them like he does.
Now don't get me wrong it wasn't easy but I thought of that original insight and just did it. (Kinda like Nike says 'Just Do It')
I have to say later I felt much better and felt God was smiling with me.
That's all. Looking forward to your comments.
Your's begrateful

5:27 PM  
Blogger JustBeBecky said...

Know of my love and prayer for you as I am on my way to my 30 day retreat! Just know that someone is praying for you, so if things get hard just stop and think, "Wait! Justbebecky is praying for me. I'll get through this!"! And, you will.

Thanks again to "begrateful" for sharing her time with you! You will enjoy visiting with her and asking her questions. She is a kick! (all in the right direction:)

God's peace and love is with you, just breathe it all in! Always, your justbebecky:)

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Blogger begrateful said...

Hi justbecky,and everyone else out there. Just had something I wanted to share. This morning while I was running I started re-playing negative thoughts in my head about past things people had said to me and I had said to them etc etc. I really wasn't feeling good about it and thought OK you have the power to stop this so do it, in the meantime I asked God to help me and kept on running. Nothing much changed but just as I was about to finish my run I spotted a bumper sticker that said "God Heal me if I cannot heal myself" now that got my attention and once again I felt I needed to share this. I really wasn't looking for an answer but I did rem I asked God to help me. Am I crazy or what???
Back to all of you, let me know your feelings.
Your's Begrateful

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Blogger begrateful said...

Good evening everyone out there, I am on my ibookG4 for the first time and trying to figure things out and thought I would drop a line. How are you all? I am good and will be better when I figure this ibook out. Maybe God is communicating to me right now telling me to leave things alone and come sit and be quiet so I may just do that and check in later......

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Blogger Joshua Brown said...

I have often wondered about this question. Since I am new to this forum, i will give you a quick background about myself. I was brought up non-catholic, mildly protestant in the south. I mean, prayer was said at dinner and Christmas and Easter were big deals.....But other than that, no real tradition as far as church and religious life.....Whew....OK...BUT, that never stopped me from investigating the concept of God, and since I come from the Christian tradition, I took it upon myself to study Christianity and all its avenues. I also studied most of the world's big religions and tried to learn enough so that I might be learned enough to carry an intelligent conversation with whom ever I'm talking to.

So how do I answer this question that was posted.......As far as communicating to God, I do it directly..."PLEASE GOD LET ME MAKE MY RENT","PLEASE GOD, LET THAT MISSING CHILD BE FOUND", ETC.....ETC...

Now I know that seems simplistic, but I feel that I have no real channel other than my "Real" thoughts and feelings that convey my wish that I feel extra help is needed. I think we all do it that way in some form or another.

But I have found myself doubting the existance of "God" after prayers I thought were signifigant went unanswered......."Please God, let Mrs. Mosel's son not be killed in the Tsunami while he was vacationing in Thailand"......That particular prayer that our neighborhood was asked to solemnly ask went unanswered. Mrs. Mosel's son is still missing.
So where are you God???? I know, I know....God has a plan..

I always felt like that was a cop-out of sorts, but my way of understanding one's communication with God was forever changed in 1999 while I was delivering computers to a field hospital in the SW African country of Namibia (I lived for 6 years in Sub-Saharan Africa). I was awaiting my contact and struck up a conversation with a local and ended up getting paradigm changing philosophy. He pointed at the ants on the ground and made me notice that the ants had an "awareness" of me, they could not fully comprehend what we were in relation to their world. They have instict and animal senses, but they can not fully understand our means and methods in relation to that.

I immediately related that to God. To me, God is not something that i can comprehend....Yes, I can see pictures of Christ, or Buddha, or Mohammad....Read stories of this or that...While it is fun and comforting to make God tangeable, I know in my heart that god is really far to much for me to try and understand....I am that ant in the presense of God. So...My communication is simplistic.

The bigger answer I think comes in how God communicates through me. I believe that God communicates through love. Now that is general, but think about it.....Love is the ultimate empotion that has no tangeable properties, yet we know it exists. By doing good, by having focus and discipline, by sharing, by comforting, by teaching......By being "Christ-like" if you will....Using Jesus's way, one can experience God's communication. If one isn't Christian, then insert favorite prophet and put a "like" at the end.

Once this understanding of love is achieved and performed, then God's communication in a way we humans can understand becomes evident.....We can not pray away AIDS, Cancer, murder, and all the other horrors in this world that make us question God's actuality....But if we fill our life with love and understanding and follow this discourse, then people do learn to stop killing, hearts are softened to make big contributions to disease research, people begin to view sanctity with reverence..i could go on and on-You get the point...That is Gods communication with us in a way we can understand. Again...I may be wrong....this is just my opinion.

I'd like to say a fond hello to Sister Lilly, who is quickly becoming out patron Sister here at Apple Computer!!!

3:57 PM  
Blogger begrateful said...

Good evening Josh it was great to hear your insights and they certainly gave me fruit for thought,
actually alot of thought. Thank You so much, I felt you put into words what I was actually thinking.
Who knows maybe God is speaking through you to get to me? Anyway I went through alot of what you described asking 'Now where are you God when 911 happened etc etc and thinking well you were there crying with us.' However it did not satisfy my human limitations.
Josh when you spoke about meeting one of the locals in Africa and how they described the Ants having an awareness of us but not fully comprehending what we were in relation to their world that really got my attention as I feel that is how I am with God. For me I cannot explain God and trying to is impossible because of our human limitations, but I do now that God is absolute LOVE and to fall in love with someone in a very tangeable
way gives us a tiny glimpse into God. Think back when you were totally in love.....wasn't it awesome?
You were on a high and nothing could bring you down, that person became your entire focus and you longed to be with them. This I believe is one way that God gives us a glimpse into the love he has for us. And this love that we share with another is very powerful but the love God has for us is way beyond that, isn't that amazing? I believe from my life when I fell in love it was a glimpse into the love God had for me and it was simply DIVINE. I also believe God communicates love to me through others kindness, compassion etc etc and I try to communicate my love to God by being kind to others even when it is hard and they are not open to it.
Hope this makes sense. Looking forward to hearing from you. Oh by the way I think you are all becoming Patron Saints at Apple deaing with me.....
Your's begrateful

8:17 PM  
Blogger reese70bryce said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

8:01 AM  
Blogger begrateful said...

Hey Reese70bryce I checked out your site and it sounds good. However I do not have any money to invest in stocks, sorry.
Back to our site How do you communicate your love to God? and how do you feel God communicates his love to you?
Your's Begrateful

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Blogger Joshua Brown said...

Greetings to all of you promoting and propegating the love of God.......

Since I can't post a new BLOG topic, I'm gonna throw it out here. This is was a BIG topic here at work amongst some Catholics that were debating the Pope's policies in general and where the Catholic church was heading. Since I am not 100% aware of a lot of the traditions of the Catholic church, i listened carefuly as to what direction young Catholics today would like the church to go. Of great debate was the idea of women in clergy. Now I thought nuns were part of the clergy, equal to priests.....OK, i see now that I was wrong, but now that I am clear...How do you as nuns feel about this topic. Granted this may be a subject not for open debate or discussion, but i found it very interesting. As nuns, do you feel that you should be able to perform rites and rituals that priests perform? This caused WILD debate here at work and i am interested in how a nun might respond to this question.

12:20 PM  
Blogger begrateful said...

Hey Joshua Brown great question. I am sure it rose some debate. I personally feel Nuns/Women should be able to perform the sacraments and don't see why they cannot. THERE IS NO PLACE IN THE BIBLE WHERE IT SAYS THEY CAN'T. Think for a moment of all the wonderful Sisters who have taught these wonderful priests in school, seminary, college etc etc now if they can teach something why can't they preach something?
Just because you are a particular gender is no reason to say you cannot do something....After all the Catholic Church does preach Equality.
This is just my personal opinion and I have no problem with speaking my truth and I know there are those out there who will disagree but that is ok.
We can all learn to disagree and yet get along.
Back to You Josh Brown and all you interested folks out there. Josh invite your friends to join this discussion with us.
Your's Begrateful

8:45 PM  

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