Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Do You Think Love Is?

LOVE.......One of my favorite topics and in many ways the most important one around, because it is the one thing that keeps our planet going around! So let's talk about Love, come on in with any questions or reflections you may have:)
Always here to listen, your justbebecky :)


Blogger Bella75 said...


I think it is hard to describe love because it is so many things to so many people. But perhaps to say what love isn't is better.

It isn't, I think, selfish, it does not begin with I but with the other. I think no matter who you love, who you are in relationship with it must begin with selflessness.

And so perhaps love is the empty of self to invite the other in, the pouring out of need or want or envy and allow yourself to just be known.

I hope all that made sense.


1:30 PM  
Blogger JustBeBecky said...

Hi Bell, welcome in and thank you for your great comments:) I especially liked that comment on being empty enough to invite someone else in...I wrote a song, "I have the room inside of me for you to grow" (on itunes:) and it is that same thought as well.

I often wonder though...does love begin with me loving myself first...but then again that seems to happen (loving myself) when I am in relationship with others.

Yet, I have had the experience where someone or even more are loving me alot and still I do not feel lovable to myself. Have you had that experience?

Peace, your justbebecky:)

1:05 PM  
Blogger endurance said...

Nice topic. To me love is like life we are always on the journey to figure it out. I would definitely agree with you that even though you can be loved by others you may not necessarily feel like you love yourself. That is where we all need to work hard. My personal experience is that I am blessed enough to have many people in my life that I know love me but yet I don’t feel like I know what it feels like to be loved. But through much inner work and trying to deepen my relationship with Jesus I think I will be able to find that feeling one day. I think that when I learn to love myself I will be at peace wherever I am because I will be comfortable in my own skin and that will mean I have learned to love others because I will have learned to accept and love myself as I am

10:02 PM  
Blogger JustBeBecky said...

Hi endurance, WELCOME!!! I love your name, that is a testament of your commitment to loving right there!

I like what you said about, feeling at peace where ever you you are always walking around in your own home, comfortable in your own skin.

It is like I have "days" like that and then "not". It reminds me of what my Mom says, there is no happy life, just happy days. I kind of like the "now ness" of that.

Any more thoughts...... peace out and within, your justbebecky:)

10:25 PM  
Blogger JustBeBecky said...

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With love, your justbebecky:)

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Blogger JustBeBecky said...

Hello all:)

Anyone see the article in the San Francisco Chronicle on June15th on our sisters? I was on the front with a YOYO (need to read it to get it)Let me know what you thought if so:)

Have a great day!!Love,justbebecky

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